This blog is totally dedicated to the cutest kid ever, little princess Park Yerin. All the gifs and edits posted here were made by me, don't repost. I'm also a side blog, so I can't follow you back, sorry. You can make request too!~

You’re the cutest older sister, Yerin.

OMG, I’M BACK~! And making lots of gifs. <3

Hi, Yeseo~! 

Can’t breath, can’t breath! Last video is so cute that.. sçlfkdçlfkalç Later I’ll post gifs. <3

200 followers, OMG~!! Thank you so much again, I love you. TT^TT <3

무슨 노래니? [x]

NEW VIDEO! <3 I’m making gifs, okay. UuU

i need more videos, please! TTTTTT

@bobaepapa: 교재가 조금 어렵네&#8230; ㅋㅋ.

@bobaepapa: 교재가 조금 어렵네… ㅋㅋ.